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Pirate and Parrot

Set on the pirating high seas, a perfectly capable, yet diminutive Pirate (the world’s smallest) and a dowdy Parrot of gigantic proportions (the world’s largest) meet in a strange twist of fate. Follow this hilarious odd couple as they discover bountiful hidden treasures sailing through giant storms on rough seas, fighting untold scary-things in their journey of discovery and friendship: to find somewhere safe that they can call home. This is a funny and entertaining show for the whole family. 

Made in collaboration with Red Earth Theatre and with support from Arts Council England

The Short and the long of it

The Short and Long of It, is a romantic comedy that gives hope in an age of body fascism, where myths and Hollywood lead us to believe love is only for the traditionally beautiful.

It’s a raucous romp of a stand-up marital rom-com; offering hope and laughs for those that think they‘ll never meet “the one” and the laughter of recognition from those that already have.

Made with support from Arts Council England

One of us will Die

Gareth and Kiruna in One of Us Will Die

British Comedian / Actor Gareth Berliner and Australian Actress, Kiruna Stamell present a dynamic, funny, edgy, fresh, new double-act comedy show, One of Us Will Die. Directed by award-winning comedian Phil Nichol. A stand-up rom-com that is edgy, brutally honest and surprising. This married couple offers hope and laughs aplenty.

Made with support from Arts Council England

The stories seem to fly off at tangents from each other but Stamell and Berliner know what they’re doing and where they’re taking you, as they skilfully lead us back to where we started with the question we all seem to ask ourselves when we are in the midst of the deepest love and happiness – ‘Which one of us will die first?’

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